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Thank you everybody for your birthday greetings :)

I had a good day yesterday - and got nice presents too :) I'm going to have to hit London soon and go to Borders (or maybe Cambridge or Oxford and go to Heffers or Blackwells), as I have lots of book tokens (thank you, Jo and Chris, amongst others (non-LJ people)) now and I think I need a good bookshop to spend them in, Waterstones doesn't count. I also have WHSmiths tokens (thank you, Phil and Helen :) ), so maybe another new computer game? or some music to go with the discman (thank you, J :) )? Or, of course, some more books *beam*

So, I'm sitting here this evening with a beer, and spodding, and fundamentally - life is good. (The friendslocked post before is only about one aspect of life - all the important bits are good :) )

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