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Well, I thought it was about time I actually wrote something in here as I'd set it all up on Friday.

Today's been a bit of a 'blah' day so far - at the moment I should be working at home writing my thesis up (I'm just finishing my PhD course in Biochemistry), but I had to go into the lab to do an experiment for a paper I'm putting together. It's the same experiment I was trying to get to work all last week, and it didn't work again today, so now I have to go into the lab Tuesday and Wednesday too. *bleh* That wouldn't be such a bad thing except that I live in Ipswich and the lab's in Norwich, so it means getting up at 6am, and since xmas I'd kinda been getting used to having lay-ins and not getting up till 8am *gasp*

Still, I'm actually doing less work at the lab than I'd be doing writing my thesis (I'm leaving early, but getting home too late to face working so I lose a coupla hours each day) - and that's not necessarily a bad thing ;)

But on the bright side I've been virtuous this evening - mailed my boss about some time off, mailed round the Snowplains admin about potential t-shirts, tried to mail some deathmatch logs to the guy compiling the stats (but I don't have his email addy coz it got outlookised on the way out of J's work email account). And written in here, and not yet played the rest of my Call to Power II game :)

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