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Icewind Dale

Started Icewind Dale again last night, coz I thought I might do a little better second time round - the lack of online presence showed that I did :) This time I made a party that was a little more fighter oriented: human fighter, human paladin, half-elf mage/thief, human cleric, human ranger and dwarf fighter. Mage/thief combined coz I so cba with watching two of them die all the time, and the spell she's got memorised is 'armour'. I got past the prologue this time - but will need to go back a couple of saves from where I got to coz the beasties in the Vale of Shadows are kicking my ass. So all in all a much better afternoon/evening than last time I tried to play it. I'm a little worried I'll be a bit short of spell-casters later - anyone reckon that'll be a problem? I can start again happily at this stage, but I'll be a little pissed off to have to go back to the beginning later on. Though I suppose I can always dual-class one of the fighter types.

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