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22 September 2001 @ 11:01 am
Ah yes, now that I'm in a better mood I'll maybe explain yesterday ;) I was going to write a proper update last night but I was in a foul mood so it would've degenerated into a page of naughty words.

Everyone's heard of this nimda virus thing I guess - certainly we've had half a dozen emails about it at work. I figured our machines at work were fine - the virus scanner is set to go and grab updates every week, and they scan everything on opening. And we don't run IIS.

So, I spent all day yesterday (and I mean all of my working day) doing paranoid scans of our machines and trying to work out how badly infected the infected ones were. *Sigh*

I work with idiots. Someone had been switching OFF the virus scanner on more than one machine, probably coz it slows things down. If I ever find out who this is I'm going to shout at them. Everyone and his dog had been leaving full access shared folders on all our Win9x machines which weren't password protected too (which is another point of entry for this damn virus). So our oldest and slowest machines were not being scanned, and run Win9x, so had been infected by the infected machines in the rest of the department.

We also had a loveletter infection on one of the NT boxen - someone had disabled the auto-update feature of the virus scanner (presumably coz it gets in the way when it runs). As far as I can remember that one had no real payload, it just embarassed you by emailing everyone else. Anyway, I just deleted all the infected files, and if they were important then tough shit ;)

Thankfully our computer support guy reckons that the machines that were infected are probably clean now so it'll not be full format and reinstall job on the three machines.

But I could kill a) the people who turn off virus scanners and b) computer support for not being the people who spent all day assessing the extent of the problem1. It's not my job, I'm not paid to do it, and if my boss had been in she'd've been stroppy with me for doing it (yet would've been stroppy if I hadn't, it's just not supposed to take any time). And it's boooooooring.

So that was my day at work. I came home and we had a nice bottle of red wine and I vegetated and I'm in a much better mood this morning.

1 My 'communal job' for our group is to 'look after the computers'. This means that I am first port of call if anyone has a question, or if something goes wrong, to prevent computer support from being inundated with dumb questions the whole time. But the computing support people take advantage of this when they're particularly busy and if it's something I can do I often end up doing it even when it's time consuming. This pisses me off. I do actually have a real job too. I'm just supposed to answer the 'I can't make it do x' type questions.
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peagles on September 22nd, 2001 10:47 am (UTC)

I have to suffer the same sort of problem at work where people like to turn off the virus scanner because it slows their system down. It's even more irritating because when their machines are always the ones that get screwed up by viruses and they're the sort of people who refuse to accept any blame and will happily point the finger at me. Like it's my fault!

Over the last few months I've removed all 9x machines so they're either NT or Win 2k and that makes it easier for me to be a real BOFH. The virus scanners are installed and configured so that only domain admins can turn them off. My password policy is perhaps a bit evil but in true BOFH style I've excluded my domain account from it. When I'm next in the office I'll have a hack about with policies. Should be interesting.

Luckily though none of the machines in the company were affected by nimda. Internet access was of course stopped at the firewall which really wound some people up - "I need to get onto the internet for (insert vaguely work related reason here)!" Tough. It was a pain for me because I was reinstalling a server in Holland on Wednesday night and needed to download some drivers. Oh well.
Margaretpling on September 22nd, 2001 11:04 am (UTC)

Unfortunately we've gotta keep these machines as Win9x - they're too low spec to cope with NT (well 2 of them are, the other is a buggy piece of shite, hardware bugs too :/ ). We've got something a little better specced running NT, and it's slooooooooooow and everyone whinges, so these'll stay as they are I think.
Andrewsagima on September 23rd, 2001 07:30 am (UTC)
Everyone at my work is paranoid about viruses - i keep ebing asked to make sure the checker is working - update it etc.

Hope you look forward to doing it all again next month :)