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I got breakfast in bed this morning :) Hot cross bun and a cup of coffee *beam*

Yesterday we did the normal Saturday stuff - lunch in Vagabonds (missed becs and mcurtains though), then a potter round the shops. Went to the library (isn't it funny how when I'm stressed about work stuff I go to the library and wonder if they're hiring - it'd be a good alternative career I guess, but I think I'd have to study again and I'm not sure I could really be arsed) and got myself some more books - didn't take my remaining £60 or so of book tokens in coz I was going to wait till we had a chance to go to London or Oxford but then I saw a book I want is out ("Revelations" by Carol Berg), so next weekend I'll be getting that :)

Came home, and started scanning our wedding photos - we've never quite got round to sorting out the official photos before, and we decided we would scan them all in before we put them in an album. It took hours - there're 78 of them. I'll burn them to CD today and J will 'do stuff' to them so that they're in a fit state to go on a webpage (atm they're huge PNGs). Who knows, maybe I'll get inspired and write a piece of text to go with them so that we actually have something real on our website ;)

If I get really inspired I'll maybe write something so that after 6 years of online presence I finally have more than a 'under construction' website. But then again, maybe I'll play Icewind Dale ;)
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