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After a bit of a bad start yesterday, things improved. We went into town and ate plain and comfortable food at Vagabonds (I had a jacket potatoe with cheese and butter, J had beans on toast, neither of us had coffee). We did our usual potter round the shops, and while we were in EB I bought Age of Empires II Gold Edition (which includes the Conquerors expansion). So hopefully I'll get in a bit of practice before the next games weekend coz I normally lose miserably when we play that.

I then spent more of my book tokens in Waterstones. I got "Revelations" by Carol Berg, the next two in the series by Ian Irvine that I bought the first one of last time and the new Simon Schama book "A History of Britain: The British Wars 1603-1776".

Came home and vegetated, had a very plain dinner and were in bed by 2130 coz we were both still a tad unwell.

This morning we were up at about 0830, and still didn't manage to leave the house to go food shopping till about 1300. But we did lazy things, and then after shopping (including getting stuff for ginger snaps) we had lunch. And then did a few chores, and I read most of my thesis. I'll have to read the other two chapters tomorrow night, and start sorting out papers to read.

We've abandoned the casserole we had planned for dinner, as we've eaten too many ginger snaps. So we'll just shove a pizza in the oven later.
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