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Clean Clean Clean

Well, so far today I've completely cleared the back log of washing up, I've done a load of laundry, I've wiped down all the surfaces in the kitchen and cleared off the top of the fridge (which involved moving all the assorted bottles of spirits somewhere else in the kitchen). And I've written a bit more of my thesis - now only got one chapter that I have no words down for yet.

The cleaning was inspired by the fact that today we have to move the washing machine out, and tomorrow we get the washing machine and fridge/freezer from J's granda's house. As well as a dining table and eight chairs, and desk chair, and a chest-of-drawers. So later I've got to clean off the dining table we currently have, so we can decide what to do with it, if we can think of anywhere to put it I'd like to put all my bits of paper on it, have to see what we can do once we've tidied a little bit. we didn't really need a new table, but the chairs that go with the table we have are busy falling to pieces ... J glued them together again about 6 months ago, but by about a month after that they were starting to go :( They're just badly made .. J's dad thinks that they must've used unseasoned wood, so it's now shrunk and expanded as wood does after a while and the joints don't fit any more. The chairs and table we're getting are old, so that won't be a problem. Only problem is that one leaf of the table has wood-worm so J's parents are hanging onto that to treat it and bring down to us later.

I'm glad to be nearly at first draft stage with my thesis. It still needs a lot of work after that, but it'll be nice to be completely at the polishing stage. Not sure how long it's going to take to write the discussion though, the discussion sections for each of the results chapters were the hardest bits to write.

Took my nail polish off this morning coz it'd finally chipped so much it looked really silly ... think I'm gonna have to paint them again tho, coz they feel all weak now, I've already had to cut one that was only held together by nail polish (well nearly ;) ).

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