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I AM 20% GEEK.

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Yesterday was a productive day - I did about 8 hours of work, read a couple of dozen papers and spent an hour or two doing literature searches. Today I did quite a lot too - reading type work anyway. I also managed to think of similarities between what my work was, and what one of my examiners does, which is cool :) However I didn't really do anything at work - I went in for the morning and spent quite a while catching up on gossip with Phil who has just come back from 3 weeks off ;)

Oh and I disinfected a nimda infested computer. This is clearly Monday morning's job *sigh* I get tired of explaining that a) don't panic, we don't appear to have any active virus, it's just files being put in shared folders from other puters and b) don't panic, the files I'm deleting are i) created de novo by the virus and ii) aren't what they say in the name so you can't keep that mp3 of whatever it was coz it's not really an mp3 of whateveritis.
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