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I'm writing this now coz otherwise there won't be Friday entry and it's nearly 1am so it's Saturday so it's kinda missed the point really. Still ...

We went out tonight to Haunted Hanger which is the main indie/rock/alternative night here in Ipswich, it's only once a month though, and it's full of kiddies ... I swear I'm 10 years older than the average age (well mebbe not quite but I sure feel like it ;) ) Still, it's good music, and was a good excuse to wear the boots that J got me for xmas. I did feel oooold tonight though - the security chap searching the guys asked J if he wasn't a bit old to be going to this, and I'm older than J (though only just)! It was a bit of a night to watch the kiddies play though, neither of us had quite enough energy to dance, so we sat there ... and mostly averted our eyes ;) I actually moved my chair at one point coz all I could see from the side of the table I was on was three teenage couples acting like they were auditioning for some soft porn movie! Watched some kid just not get the hint - the guy she was after was pulling faces, moving away from her, holding her at arms length ... yet she still thought she had a chance after about 3 hours of this sorta treatment. The bar staff were as always not impressed ... cept one woman (who served me twice) who was well into the music and knew the words to more songs than me ... I unno why they keep letting this thing take place, all the normal staff for the venue hate it lots!

The rest of today was well frustrating, I sat and stared at a blank page on Word for ages, and finally only got about 3/4 page written of my discussion - I'm finding this really difficult to write, I know what I wanna say, but I unno how to phrase it properly.

But J bought me flowers on his way home from town this morning and that was a good thing :)) Purple and blue irises which are my favourite flowers :)))

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