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Yesterday was cool :) Went to London to meet up with a bunch of spods (there's a list on J's journal - but there were about 15 of us total). Met up in All Bar One on Leicester Square at lunchtime-ish, and sat and had a pint or three whilst waiting for everyone to turn up. Then went to Namco and did some bowling - I did really crap, unlike J I should clearly _not_ drink before and whilst bowling! Then went on to a Mexican restuarant somewhere in Soho which does nice food and also nice cocktails - like 'Blue Cactus' which is actually green and tastes really nice! They write on the tablecloth what you've ordered, so we added to it a little ... pictures of people, mostly drawn by Bruce ... and Marnanel spodded, mavved and apparently coded on the table cloth ... withdrawl symptoms after a day not spent spodding I guess ;)

Didn't get in till too late though - on Sundays the trains to london are buses, and that takes about twice as long, and added to that we had to hang around at midnight at Ipswich station waiting for a taxi :(

So today I'm knackered - didn't get up till an hour after I shoulda done, then had to mop up the kitchen floor. We'd switched off the old fridge to defrost it, then not remembered about it till J found a puddle on the kitchen floor this morning. He mopped that up but there was more by the time I got there. I did find the last bit of ice round the icebox though, so that'll have solved the problem. Still got to clean it though, but I suspect I'll do that some other time ;)

Sat down and tried to write more of my discussion this morning, and got not very far ... but I've written another bit, and I'll move on to the next after I've had some lunch. This is going very slowly :(

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