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Meet :)

This weekend was the weekend of the Snowplains meet that jaq was organising.

So both J and I had Friday off, and got up later that intended. After catching up with LJ and spodding and packing we headed off into town to have lunch (at 2pm) in Vagabonds. This duely done, we got a train into London. Whilst having lunch we'd text-messaged growf and asked if he was going to the meet - but he'd managed not to notice the motd, the news or the link on the webpage, so rang us up to demand "What meet?". Just as well we'd told him about the meet - I'd got the location of the pub we were meeting in off multimap and when we got to the place that the wee circle was round the pub was nowhere to be found! So I rang Bruce, and he gave us directions from where we were (bad start to the conversation - "can you see Shaftesbury Avenue?" "no, don't think so .... we're opposite somewhere called Limelight" "That's on Shaftesbury Avenue" *blush* We were on Charing Cross Road, just by the crossroads with Shaftesbury Avenue, I just hadn't noticed what the big road at the crossroads just up a way was ....)

Bruce and Pete (Thorin) were the only spods in the pub when we got there (well, we were meeting from 1800, and it was 1730 when we go there ...) so we got a few drinks in (Grolsh was 4 bottles for £5) and waited for the others. jaq and Smurf and TheBabe turned up a bit later - followed by Rincy, Oracle, Tucks, Kermit, narenek and the UndoneSathThing at various points in the evening. Once percible rang TheBabe to alert us to marnanel's plight a search party was sent out to find him, and he was brought back to the pub, but after me and J had left (with Tucks, Kermit and Thorin as we were all staying at Tucks and Kermit's place).

I was quite happily tiddly by this stage - I remember very little of the 15 minute walk from Perivale tube station to Tucks and Kermit's place, but I do know that I giggled a lot .... for 10 minutes straight, apparently. I think I was giggling coz it was funny that I was giggling. Which is kinda self-perpetuating ;)

Once we got there we played VibRibbon for a bit, then I flaked while the others carried on playing.

Morning brought itself to my attention when I woke up and realised that someone was playing drums on the inside of my skull ... yes, I had a hangover. Not toooooo bad a one, though, but bad enough at the time ;)

Once we'd done a bit of VibRibboning we headed off into London again to meet up with everyone else. marble turned up while we were eating lunch, which is particularly cool coz he doesn't often come to meets. After lunch and gathering everybody a few of us split off to go book and CD shopping - I didn't find any books that made me want to buy them right there and then, so I didn't. I dithered over the Heinlein section ... and there was a C J Cherryh book that it might be cool to get.

Once done with that we hurried off to the British Museum to meet the rest - we were already half an hour late, so we rushed a little past the remaining bookshops and J and Marble split off to go look for the books J was after and hadn't seen in Borders ... When we got to the museum, we discovered that we were infact first there, so sat outside and waited for the others and organised a time to meet up at the entrance once we were done being cultured. Marble wanted to look at the Aztec and Mayan stuff, so that solved the 'what to look at first dilemma' and off went me and J and Marble to look at that ... once done there, we headed off to the Egyptian rooms, where many other spods had also congregated, it seemed. Lastly, we oohed at the Rosetta stone on our way back to the entrance.

And then - off to another pub. This one was a little full, so we waited till two people had finished then pounced on the table they'd just vacated causing much amusement to them ;) Discussions about dinner venues ensued. The normal meet sheep syndrome also ensued (which really annoys me, but I'm easily annoyed at times ;) ) and most of us went to the same resturant - but thankfully it was large enough to get all 11 of us in at about 8pm on Saturday night ... so I shouldn't've been bothered, really. We had to sit in two different groups - and ours finished earlier so the four of us (me, J, Bruce and Marble) headed off for a coffee. Then, back to the bookshops (yeah, we're like that - but I didn't buy anything then either) and then rejoined the crowd in the pub later - I was getting a bit spacey and tired by that stage, so wasn't the best of company (ie I sat on a chair and kinda stared into space unless someone specifically talked to me).

Off again to Tucks and Kermit's place, where we VibRibboned some more, but once again I flaked first (yeah, I'm a wuss ;) ). Up again on Sunday morning with no hangover and the promise of bacon sarnies - which we duely got ... and we got donuts for dessert :)

Once again into the centre of London, this time to meet at a pub near Kings Cross station - which turned out to be shut. As were the next three pubs we passed, unlike the fourth. Once in, we ordered food and got drinks and talked to people again :) By the time we'd finished our food J and I thought it was about time to head home, and we've spent the evening catching up with LJ and trying to relax before getting a decent nights sleep (sharing a single bed isn't as OK as it used to be - must be getting oooold ;) ).

It's been a good weekend :) Thanks, Jaq, for organising it, and thanks to Tucks and Kermit for letting us stay over :)
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