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Lunchtime once more. Today's been somewhat more productive than yesterday so far. I've written about as much this morning as I did in the whole of yesterday, and I've spend the last hour chasing down papers I need to fill in my knowledge of BIAcore and ultracentrifugation to determine binding constants. This afternoon I'm going to move on to do a bit of correcting of a manuscript for a paper, Gill (my supervisor) has updated it since it got sent back in October with the new stuff I've done. So now I'm gonna look through it and do some typo correction and so on - and see if there's anything I'd phrase differently, unlikely though! Found a funky feature in Word - the 'track changes' stuff is actually quite cool and useful! It puts different authors stuff in different colours, and shows you what they'd deleted too, so it's easy to see if you actually agree with it etc. Useful atm, as I'm at home in Ipswich, Gill is in Norwich at UEA and Vera (my other supervisor) is now in York.

I haven't really done anything besides work and spod since I last updated, so this'll have to do as an entry - I don't even have anything I wanted to rant about ;)

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