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Today I went shopping and I bought ...

Coz J had his karate grading I went and pottered around all the clothes shops in town (not quite all, but it felt like it by the end of it ;) ).

I was looking for a corset type strapless top, prefereably black. And eventually I found one in Next. If last week's shopping trip was an exercise in feeling like I have a fat arse then this week's was an exercise in feeling like I've got small breasts. In actuality I'm pretty much average in both departments ... it's just that the fashion industry is either targetted at waifs (ie skirts that fit round my hips and backside gape at the waist coz obviously I don't have a waist if I've got 40inch hips) or at the buxom (well, I guess strapless tops are supposed to have cleavage at the top but you can create that with the boning of the top if you're any good at making clothes). Oh to be rich enough to have my clothes made for me *grin*

I also bought jeans with stars on in Next ... I'd looked in Dorothy Perkins last week and seen jeans with stars on for tall women, or short women, but not average height women *pout* but once again Next came to the rescue - which is a tad disconcerting coz not so long ago I couldn't ever find anything nice in there ...

And a pink 3/4-sleeve top in Marks and Spencers, which I'd tried on last week and liked but didn't buy coz everything else I tried on made me feel fat so I got in a strop and didn't buy anything ;)

I also got Xmas cards, and the first bit of J's Xmas pressie :)
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