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Maybe next year I'll ...

Always about this time of year I start thinking that maybe next year I'll do all those things I always want to do but never seem to find the time for.

So, maybe next year I'll make birthday cards again. This thought is normally triggered by getting a xmas card from Bruce, but this year coz I'm reading his LJ I've thought it sooner *grin*.

When I was 16/17 I used to make all the birthday cards I sent, I modified a calligraphic alphabet from a book, so that I could colour in the letters once I'd inked in the outline (originally it was thick/thin bits of the pen, but I drew them out instead of writing them). I'd pick a picture (a stylised flower like you draw with a compass, or a very stylised horizon with rising or setting sun) then I'd colour in the bits in the letters, or leave the bits that crossed the letters white and colour the rest of the picture.

What I really need a is a template of some sort, then all I need to do is do the inking and colouring ... I've got a few ideas of different things I could do now, like using watercolours or acrylic paints. Also illuminating the H and the B.
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