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Bad news and Good news

Demon had serious routing problems this afternoon, and at one point I didn't have a route to the outside world for over an hour. So that was fairly pants, but everyone has problems sometimes so I hope they don't do this often.

So that was the crap bit - what was good about it? Well, after about 45 minutes I decided I'd call their tech support line. I hate doing that when an ISP has routing problems (or something like that) coz normally you have to argue with the tech support guy about whether or not it's a problem at their end. And normally being female counts against me too, I get the really patronising 'are you sure the modem's switched on' lines. And you're usually kept on hold for _ages_ before you get a reply. So I steeled myself and rang demon's tech support number, to be greeted with a recorded message, immediately after one ring, telling us that they had routing problems, the engineers were working on it and only hold if you have an unrelated query. Woah! An ISP with a clue :) - here's hoping that they don't have problems too often :/

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