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I've not updated for a week or so, which is kinda bad - I was meaning to try and update every day. Problem is I've got in from work absolutely shattered so I've done brain numbing things in the evening ... and also I was gonna update once I'd worked a little more on my webpage, but due to a combination of LJ, Mozilla and Emacs being ho's it didn't happen (all I wanted to do was cut and paste my book reviews out of LJ into a page, then fiddle with the presentation a bit).


Week at work = not as bad as it could be, I can handle the next three months. Had a meeting with the boss Monday afternoon and it went really well - I managed to sell her on an idea I had for a different and more exciting project (but it doesn't seem to be interesting after the pre-lim experiment so I maybe will abandon it). And completely un-prompted she offered to pay me on a month by month basis after my contract ends if there's still work to do and I still don't have a job. So that's cool - even though I might not take her up on it it's re-assuring that she actually still wants to employ me, particularly given she'll be writing my references ;)

I've also got a fair way on sorting out my CV, and gave it to Jelena at work (she's faculty and employs people at my level). She's been very helpful - and I'm glad I talked to her coz she said she'd actually be rather concerned if she recieved a one page CV from a post-doc (like the normal CV books say you should send) ... she'd worry that they hadn't actually done anything. So she's suggested a couple of things missing from my current 2 page CV and suggested that I write a 'career history' page (or two) that says what I've done and refers to the papers I'm an author on to make it clear what my contribution was. And she'll happily read that and comment on it too. Jelena's cool :)

And that was work. Out of work, well, I've spodded and done logic puzzles and been a brain dead whatsit. I've also cooked more - and, despite a tantalising conversation about soup that made both me and J want hot and sour soup, we didn't get a chinese takeaway on Thursday. Go us - no takeaways for a whole week.

And last night we went out to Haunted Hangar, with sagima. This was the first time it hadn't clashed with Furry in months, so it's been a while since we've been. And basically if the Rock/Metal/Alternative night we're going to in two weeks time (The Riot - with the same DJ as Furry) is good then we're never going back. There were maybe a 1000 people in there, and maybe 2 dozen were over 18 not counting the staff. If we wanted to drink (which we did) we were sat in a fenced off area with a bouncer ostentasiously checking ID. Basically in the last 6 months it looks like they're getting less and less adults so they've let the younger kids in again (there were kids there that must've been in primary school). So the music was fantastic (I'm more into the heavier rockier stuff than J) but the atmosphere sucked. A shame.

And this morning I have merely a mild hangover that a pint or so of water will cure (or a paracetemol maybe). Yay for drinking halves. I still racked up 4 pints though - we danced a lot less coz being coralled off the way we were it didn't feel like we were part of it as much.
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