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Umm, yeah.

I'm silly and giggly and I've not even finished my second can of beer, but whatever, happy is good ;)

I spent most of today ringing various bits of our hosting company's accounts and customer services departments ... hopefully having escalated to customer services I might get somewhere ... I'm speaking to people with surnames now ;)

Had chinese takeaway for dinner, it was good :) Had London Pride to go with it - don't think I've ever drunk it before but it's nice ... even if it has made me tiddly.

I'm using J's puter and he's using mine coz he's doing mix CD creating stuff, and I'm the one with a CD burner (he has a DVD drive). The way this puter is set up is lousy for my mouse arm and my back. I dunno how he copes given his RSI.

Nothing more to say. Well, nothing to say in the first place, but whatever ;)

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