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This has been a tiring week - not really for any special reason, we've just not been going to bed when it's bed time, we've been spodding and LJing instead. So I'm sleepy now.

My project student is beginning to show some signs of thinking for himself, but not many ;) Like today, I got him to plan his experiment, but he didn't remember till two hours into the time course that he'd wanted to leave at 4pm so wasn't going to be there for the end of the experiment ... I did finish it off for him, but made it clear that planning an experiment also involved being sure that you're there the whole time you need to be ;)

J's bought Wipeout Fusion today, and it rocks :) I'm not so good at it though (need more practice) and so I got frustrated with it quite early on in the evening (about 9pm) and went online instead. He's still sat over there <--------- playing it ;)
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