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Went out for dinner last night at the Kwan Thai. Tis one of my favourite restuarants - and it was nice. We need to go there more often (but not too often as it was quite expensive). We had the 'Kwan Thai Recommend' selection of starters, followed by Sweet and Sour Chicken, Beef with Oyster Sauce and Pork Phad Prig, accompanied by boiled rice and Phad Thai. And a nice bottle of white wine (La Place Sauvignon Blanc iirc).

Did scary things today - went to estate agents and got on mailing lists and such like. Also talked to a mortgage advisor chap, from Mortgage Direct. It's a little disconcerting when you walk into an estate agents and ask for details of properties that you can afford and that aren't terraced and watch their faces fall. We're on the cusp of being priced out of our chosen market :/ But we've got details of a few places that look nice, so we're going to try and organise visiting them.

Felt ill when we got home, but feel better now - too little water I think. Oh and that time of the month. The combination often seems to make me nauseous. Yeah, TMI.

Going to Sonic Flower later on, which should be fun.

In other news, work is still stressful. But it comes and goes, and I'm outa there soon enough.
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