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Long time no update. Life got busy ;)

Thursday evening we went to talk to the mortgage advisor and organised signing our lives away - it's a helluva lot of money to think of in relation to us. And kinda weird planning stuff that's not going to finish till I'm over 50.

We didn't get back after that meeting till about 9pm so there was just time to ring my mother and have a chat to her about it. Unlike my father she's a little more in touch with house prices (though in Oxford) so she was aware that it was a reasonable price for the house, whereas I think my father fixated rather on the fact that it was about 3 times what he paid for his bigger house 22 years ago ;)

Friday started as one of those days that doesn't quite go right. I missed the bus, so I got to work late. I had to sort out my project student rather than my own work. He then asked me to fill in some forms giving him a reference for 2 or 3 PhD programs, by Monday. So I 'discussed' the problems with this, and then had to work out for myself what the deadlines were for his applications - only 2 out of the 3 had to be in Germany for 28/2, the third was 15 March. So that was a little easier. I also had to persuade him that it would be a bad idea to send only one copy of the references between 2 different studentships at the same place. Even if the person who opens envelopes is the same, it doesn't mean they'll notice that this is supposed to be for both. *sigh*

I managed to get away on time though, and got to the station to discover that they'd cancelled the 1640, so I was now going to be 20 minutes later into Ipswich than I'd expected. But I made it in the end, and met J and Bruce at the station prior to getting a taxi up to our prospective house. This was our second look, and we still liked it :) Bruce had a poke around - he's lived in more houses than me and J put together - and didn't see any problems either.

After this we headed back to the house for pizza before back into town to go to Furry, firstly meeting sagima in town. The evening was a trifle surreal as we started off having to be on the door for an hour coz Ed (the DJ) had been let down by the person who normally does it while the normal lass is out handing round flyers in town. It was quite quiet for sometime - competeing with Harry Palmer's and with Haunted Hangar - but it was fun :) Even if I was too sleepy to last the evening and fell asleep for about 45 minutes to an hour.

Saturday was a generic Saturday, complete with hangover. Vagabonds for lunch, record stores, but also dropped off the cheque for the survey for the house, and took a piccy in to be developed from December's Furry. Oh and it quite spectacularly snowed on us on the way to the bus stop.

Sunday was kinda eaten up by PS2 games - so much so that Bruce suddenly exclaimed at about 4pm "Hang on, I've got to get a train home sometime today, don't I". *grin*
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