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It's been a busy weekend already - peteski came to see us on Friday evening. We'd not really seen him for ages, and I'd not realised how long it had been since he'd visited - but he said we'd only got one computer last time he came to see us ... which makes it well over 2 years ago. So we had Chinese takeaway and beer and caught up on what's been going on in our lives :) Definitely shouldn't leave it as long before we next get together.

Saturday followed the standard plan initially - Vagabonds, shops. But then Pete drove me up to Tescos before he went, which was nice of him, and meant I bought heavy stuff coz I didn't have to carry it back. After Pete had gone we spodded etc, then I played CivIII for a bit. I've stopped micro managing so much - the governors for the cities are quite flexible so are actually useful unlike in other civ games. So I've been getting further through the game, but if I leave it for a couple of days I forget what I'm doing so give up and start a new one. So I still haven't finished a game ... maybe this one - I was getting on quite well (I've looped city names once, and it's only 1120AD - I do wish they'd put more names in, or a more elegant looping mechanism, Zimbabwe 2 is such a dumb name ;) ).

After that it was off out to Sonic Flower. We were first there, we always are, but this time we surpassed ourselves - we came up the stairs and the DJ wandered past and said "oh, is it that time already?". They hadn't got the desk set up, the ladder was still infront of the bar from putting a projector up, the bar was shut, and there were no coat hangers for the coats. But whatever, it only took a little time for stuff to get sorted out - though I thought the bar staff were a bit unprofessional. They're venue staff not anything to do with the club, and you'd've thought that they should sort out the bar ahead of time if someone hires the room, so that they can serve people from when they're supposed to arrive. But one of the lagers had run out so they had to change the barrel straight away, the John Smiths was dodgy - they said the taps hadn't been used the previous evening so they needed to pull through, but after she pulled 4 dodgy pints I gave up trying to buy any and bought bottles of Becks instead. The beer was OK later, so it was the problem they said it was, but could they not have done this at half eight before the club was supposed to start.

It was a good evening though :) Met matz and faz4378, who both seem nice people but given we were at a club we didn't have much chance to have proper conversations. J and I danced lots too - and drank, but you knew that. This morning I've been a tad hungover, which isn't fair coz I wasn't that drunk. But such is life.
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