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Ow, my feet hurt!

Today was the day of gingerboy's wedding, so we duely got up at 6am to travel across to Coventry where the ceremony was. My feet hurt because I was wearing my silly high heeled sandals, and I now have blisters and raw bits on my toes :( I shoulda worn trainers for the travelling and changed my shoes before the actual event.

We got to Coventry at about 1130 and wandered (limped) into the centre of Cov to get some food - eventually ended up in Pizza Hut, which was as OK as it ever gets ;) Then back to the station to get a taxi to the church.

The church service wasn't quite my prefered style - though clearly Gary and Sarah enjoyed it, as did the rest of the congregation of their church. (It was a Baptist church, and the songs (note, not hymns) were accompanied by a rock band. I'm a traditionalist in some ways, and prefer hymns accompanied by the organ :) ) The happy couple looked very happy throughout the service, and the photos and the buffet afterwards - though Gary was seen trying to make his jaw muscles move again after at least half an hour of photos ;)

We took a whole bunch of photos ourselves, which will go online soon (J'll sort that out later I think). Update: They're up now.

We got to see a whole load of friends from Uni that we've lost touch with - more my friends than J's. Particularly nice was to see Tony, who I sporadically get in touch with, only to lose touch with again ... despite still getting on very well every time we meet up. I'm going to point him at LJ, and maybe we'll stay in touch now - though that'd be faintly ironic if we manage to stay in touch better now he's moved to New York then when he was only a couple of hours drive away. It was weird seeing everyone again, though - I know how much I've changed in the last 5 years or so, and so they must've changed too ... but we're all in our suits and posh dresses and it doesn't convey any sort of impression of what sort of person they are now. There's an element of maturity about most of them though, that I don't think I convey - but then, is that just coz I'm inside my head?

Funniest was when Alex introduced me to someone as Pling and said "I bet you don't get called that any more" *grin* Little does he know ...

Once the festivities were over (they were having a proper sit down dinner later, but for family primarily, I think) we headed back to the station and back to Ipswich. Where I took off those damn shoes (they are niiiiice though), and got myself a glass of white wine (thanks peteski).

A good day all in all, and I wish Gary and Sarah all the best :)
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