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My plans for today were altered a bit this morning by the printer running out of ink - I was going to print out CV + covering letter for a couple of jobs, give them to J to post, then have nothing to do but clean the kitchen and play CivIII. Instead, J's going to print them out for me, and I'll take a trip up to BT and pick them up, come back here, sign the letters/write envelopes, then go out and post them.

I've decided not to play CivIII till after I come back (and after I clean the kitchen) otherwise I'll never get out of the house, so I'm just sitting spodding and feeling mildly annoyed at the change of plans.

But in better news, my cold is getting better :) And got an email this morning saying that there's going to be a 'mini-Furry' this Friday in one of the pubs in town, coz there's not a real Furry coz The Venue was all booked up this month.
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