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I got my CV posted off in the end, and visited the doctors and got some antihistamines, and did some food shopping. After I'd had lunch I spent a couple of hours tidying and cleaning the kitchen, then it was time to read through the mortgage stuff coz we had a meeting with our mortgage advisor at 6pm. When I logged off in the mad dash to get to this meeting we discovered the phone message left 3 hours earlier, and found out that we didn't have a meeting after all, coz the guy had had to go home.

It's mildly annoying - I've given them my mobile number, every time I've had to call and get them to call back I've said they should call my mobile, but they didn't call it. Daft people.

So we walked out and got fish and chips for dinner instead :)

And now that I've had the time to play CivIII, I've not felt like it. Bah.
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