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Oops. Didn't realise how drunk I'd got last night till I logged onto SP and Rep when I got in. Spent a lot more time correcting typos than is generally the case. But I typed my password right first time (I went and checked in the logs this morning coz I couldn't remember ;) ).

Oh crap. Just had to go throw up :( Still, I feel more human now, hopefully that's the only time I'll do that though. Now got to replace all that water that I'd hoped was going to rehydrate me, not go down the drain.

I'm so going to be taking it easy tonight.

Last night was cool (despite over-doing the drink) - there hasn't been a Furry this month, coz The Venue was booked up, so Ed had organised it to happen in a pub yesterday instead. Once again it was a pub sagima had never been in, despite having lived in Ipswich most of his life, me and J had been quite a few times when we first moved here as it was one of the pubs on the Wednesday night pub crawl route for the people we hung around with then. So no dancing, but good music, some weird people to stare at coz it was a 'townie' pub, and nice beer. Oh and a late licence, so it was open till midnight.

Ed gave us a lift home (despite it being well out of his way). He pointed out where he lives, which is really near where we're moving to, and we invited him to our housewarming, if we have one. Also discovered that he's only a few months older than me, which surprised me somewhat - but I'm shit at guessing ages.
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