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Shopped all afternoon! We actually got useful stuff done too - went to the bank and got the house deposit money into J's current account so that we can actually write a cheque for it when the moment comes. Said moment may well be soon - the plan is to exchange contracts and complete on 23 April!

Also bought a frame for the Brave lithograph, though once we got it home we spotted the flaw in the glass :/ Got the piccies developed from the film I finished at the Marillion Weekend too - the start of the film was somewhere around Halloween so we've got a lot of piccies we'd forgotten we'd taken :) It includes London meet pics too, must scan those sometime. Oh and we've got a couple of really nice pics of marble too.

I did boring toiletry shopping as well, and found myself a new overshirt coz all the ones I wear to work are falling to bits, except the one I dropped something on at work - and I'm a bit worried about washing that one, so I think I'll just bin it.

I've pretty much snapped out of the grumpy mood now - but I'm far too tired, so who knows how I'll feel later. The fall out from some of last night's irritations is still trickling down, but it's not quite as radioactive as I'd feared.
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