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It's been a while since I updated - mostly coz of moving house type stuff.

We spent too little of last Saturday (27th April) packing, and thus far too much of Sunday packing. And we learnt the first rule of packing - there are never enough boxes ... but eventually we finished (just as the guys with the van arrived on Monday morning). The move itself went without a hitch - we had everything moved in two trips, and the van had gone by 1pm. And then we started unpacking - and we're still going really. Nothing seems to be broken, and we only temporarily (as in for about 3 days) mislaid one carrier bag. That was slightly distressing as it had half the PS2 leads, and all the remote controls. But we found it in the end :)

The new house is nice :) (just as well we think that, having bought it ;) ). We don't need to decorate immediately as the decor is in good condition. My only problem with it is that they were clearly great lovers of the colour pink! And of artex, which isn't my favourite thing for walls, but as J's mother pointed out it's probably coz of the age of the house - the walls probably aren't entirely flat and thus the swirly ridges take the eye away from any imperfections. The bathroom is really nicely done (navy blue tiles round the bottom of the room, white above, dark wood fittings, white & gold bath and sink), as is the kitchen (very pale pink tiles/yellow walls, pale pine work surfaces with white cupboard doors).

I shouldn't've gone back to work for three days last week though - I was too tired and ended up too rushed with work stuff. But as my contract runs out at the end of May I'm beginning to get short on time.

We went to The Riot on Friday night, little too tired for it, but I woke up after a pint or two. It was nice being able to walk there and back, no worrying about bus times. We probably shouldn't've stayed as late as we did though - J's parents were visiting over the weekend and due to turn up about lunchtime on Saturday (this also meant that we missed Sonic Flower :/ ).

Saturday was a very busy day - we did all sorts of bits and pieces, and J's parents brought stuff out of their loft that belongs to J, so despite having cleared out a load of the boxes from downstairs we ended up with it all cluttered again. We also went and cleaned The Annexe, a tedious job, but I'm glad J's parents helped.

The other thing we did was go shopping for a tumble dryer - in the end, despite wanting to get one to take home there and then, we got one to be delivered next Sunday. It's a little annoying, as we're very used to a tumbler for drying stuff, and it's meant I've had to plan the laundry a little more carefully - no doing three loads in one day and drying all except the delicates by the end of the day. We did buy a rotary washing line, but yesterday was too wet to hang out any of the washing. I've got stuff outside today though.

The shopping trip also took in a wander round Focus, a pine furniture shop (Conway Pine) and another furniture shop. We got some stuff in Focus (like the washing line, and some penguin bedside lamps, and stuff for repotting our basil plant), but in the other two we mostly just goggled at the nice furniture with the extortionate price tags. We do need to get a new bed sometime - for the spare room - we'll probably do that fairly soon. We also need bedside cabinets, but £150 each is possibly a little OTT (those were the most expensive ones, but definitely the nicest as well).

J's parents took us out for dinner in the evening coz it's J's birthday today (and they weren't staying that long), we went to the Red Lion in Martlesham which does nice food, but we were all too tired to really appreciate it (J's parents got up at 4:30am, we went to bed at 4:00am so by 9:00pm we were all knackered).

Yesterday J's parents left (after finishing off the last few bits and pieces) then we mostly relaxed - too tired to do much beyond shifting some boxes around. I did sort out my jewelry and makeup, and I'm now determined to wear more of my pairs of earrings more frequently, as I'd got a bit out of the habit of it recently.

We tried out the nearest Indian takeaway too - had one of their set meals, and had far too much food, but it was nice :) It's a resturant too, so that's somewhere very close by to go and eat sometime.

Today is J's birthday :) We've mostly pottered around in town - I got him a cat picture to hang on the wall above his computer (the one we'd got there to start off with was a little small, it's now somewhere else). Vagabonds was shut (as it's a bank holiday) so we went to the evil Costa for lunch for a change. Dinner tonight is to be Braised Chicken and Leek, accompanied by Stir-Fry Cucumber with Hot Spices and Steamed Rice ... with a bottle of Jacob's Creek Chardonnay :) I've not tried to make the cucumber dish before, but it sounds nice.
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