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Things that have happened


  • Found out the job I thought was going to get an interview for had been offered to (and accepted by) someone else.
  • peagles came to visit.
  • We all went to Furry, which was good :)
  • I danced too much, so my feet hurt when we were walking home *grin*


  • It rained.
  • We got very wet going to Vagabonds, but the food was good.
  • We found a new cafe, which does fresh juice and waffles. It was good, but next time we'll sit downstairs because the main waiter/baker/whatever was too intrusive.
  • peagles went, ostensibly to Colchester, but that got cancelled.


  • My parents came for lunch and I made tuna lasagne, and we showed them the house.
  • The tumble dryer arrived, and required the removal (and rehanging) of a door to get it to the right place.
  • We were practical *gasp* and managed to remove, and rehang, the door :)
  • We tumble-dried a lot of laundry. *grin*
  • I played with a genealogy database program, LifeLines, and started to work out the scripting language for producing reports from it.


  • I concentrated ~12 litres of TIMP3 containing conditioned medium to ~5 litres. There's still another 7 litres, and final volume needs to be ~2 litres.
  • This was very boring indeed.
  • I walked home from the station in the pouring rain, which I rather enjoyed.
  • Yes, sometimes I'm weird.
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