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Yesterday started off as a normal Saturday in Ipswich - off into town (stopping to buy a washer to hopefully fix our leaking shower on the way), lunch in Vagabonds (met up with mcurtains and becs there). Bit of pottering around (J bought a CD, we bought a book, I took library books back), then we went and bought a bed. Now we have a spare room we decided we needed a new bed for it and then people like our parents would be happier about staying over :) What we've actually done is buy a new bed for us, and we'll put our current bed in the spare room - it's a nicer bed that we just bought, with a nicer mattress too. It's called Haddon, and there's a piccy somewhere near the bottom of this page. It'll take a couple of weeks to arrive, but it's easier to get stuff delivered now :)

After that we came home for a little, then went over to see Jonathan and Becky and have a barbecue there :) Becky had made burgers, and we brought along some sausages (pork, and pork and apple) and we sat in the sun (and ignored next door's small children). After the sun went in we headed back indoors and had strawberries and raspberries - and copious amounts more wine.

We walked home, partly in the nature of an experiment, and it took us just under 20 minutes.

Across the road they were having a party, which was still going on when I woke up at 3am (feeling thirsty for some reason ;) ), and I think is still going on now ...
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