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Well, we failed to fix the leaking shower :/ We managed to take most of the tap to pieces - it looks on the outside like a slightly ornate mixer tap, but the inside doesn't look much like a normal tap (I've only seen diagrams, tbh, but it doesn't look like them). And we couldn't find anything that looked like a washer. There was a bit that we could've forced off, we think ... but if we'd broken anything then we'd've been unable to turn the water back on. So we gave up, and I've called for a plumber to come out and fix it on Wednesday - same company as we got the locksmith via.

But at least we found out how to switch off the water - tap inside turns off the supply to the boiler, and the outside bit turns off the whole house. Surprisingly easy, actually.

We sat in the sun for bits of the afternoon, which was nice. Though maybe we shoulda remembered that sun cream thing - both of us are a little sun-burnt now. I finished my book - Iain Banks, "Against a Dark Background" - it was good, but somehow I didn't understand the end. I went back a few pages and re-read, but it still seemed as if it just stopped.

Dinner was good :) I tried a new recipe - I've posted about it here in dinner.
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