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Had a good day today, except for the small fact of paying £263.99 for having our shower fixed. But at least it is fixed - if we didn't have a combi boiler, I'd've been more likely to let it go for longer before getting it fixed, but it was running enough to make the hot water come on, and the temp regulation had gone as well so we couldn't just turn it to cold.

Anyway. Apart from that I did some domesticy stuff (cleaned the bathroom, to be precise), then I played FFX for about 4 or 5 hours this afternoon :) I still don't like some bits of the story, but it's the same stuff I hate in films (not so much in books, coz I can skim it if I'm bored) - it's the obligatory love interest stuff. Never mind, the rest is cool - and it's a very pretty game too :)

I also finally remembered to paint my nails, my left hand is Lilac Pearl, and my right is Racing Green (which is the colour I used at my wedding) - both of them are relatively expensive, so they oughta last a bit :)
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