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Today has been a good day :)

We went into town, as we wanted to get bedside cabinets to match the bed we've ordered. Yes, we're trying to save money, but this is coming out of the savings, and is one of the things we've been saving for. So we did that (they'll take 6-8 weeks apparently), and we got some fruit and rice, and some gardening tools. Then we went back home and J mowed the grass while I got up most of the weeds between the cracks of the paving slabs. After that I ran out of enthusiasm, so held the bag whilst J pulled up more bindweed than we had previously noticed, and collected the rubbish in the front garden.

Then I've pretty much just spodded, read LJ and read Webscriptions books. J's currently watching the Matrix, and we've drunk our way through a bottle of red wine (Hardy's 1999 Cabernet Shiraz Merlot) and a couple of other drinks (G&Ts for meeeeeeee :) ). Happy Pling :)
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