Margaret (pling) wrote,

"The Warmasters" by David Weber, Eric Flint and David Drake

This is a collection of novellas, one by each author, each of which is an incidental story in the world of their main war series.

The David Weber story is set early in the career of Honor Harrington. She (and her treecat Nimitz) are just setting out on her midshipwoman's cruise - the last stage in graduation from the Academy. Predictably, things don't go as smoothly as could be hoped and Honor faces political and physical difficulties, whilst very convincingly displaying the abilities as a commander that she will grow to have. And like all the Honor stories it's good fun :)

The Eric Flint story is set in the Belisarius series, and tells the story of a young officer blinded in the war with the Malwa, and his wife. Very typical Flint characters and situation in many ways. Although I always get caught up in the stories he tells, they seem to be populated by particular types of people. The wife is a strong minded woman married against her will to a man she considers boring and typical. As the story progresses she not only comes to terms with her marriage, but turns her anger at her situation into a drive to be of practical help in the war zone.

The David Drake story is a change of pace that made it, at first, hard to get into after reading the other two. It is set in the Hammer's Slammers universe, which is much more gritty. Both Weber and Flint have a sense of whimsy about their stories, there are moments of humour and of peace. For Hammer's Slammers war is unrelentless and runs roughshod over personal feelings and desires. No happy ending here, though there is a resolution of sorts. The main character, Lieutenant Huber, is re-assigned to a deskjob away from the front lines after a disasterous ambush of his platoon that has lead the government to question if they should have hired Hammer's Slammers to fight in their war. The war is, of course, no respector of re-assignments and Huber is drawn back into the conflict.
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