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20 June 2002 @ 09:57 pm
And in all that chuntering along I forgot to mention something cool about this week :) We finally sorted out ordering ADSL, and providing the line test is OK we'll have it enabled (probably) next Thursday. We're not ordering a router till we've found out about the line test, just in case. But wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Should have broadband soooooooooooon :)
Natalie Currierubymurray on June 24th, 2002 06:41 pm (UTC)
Broadband rocks, hope your line test goes ok. Ours did, but it got my quite nervous when they did it. I was just praying, 'please let it be ok, pleaaaaaase'.

It isn't long before you want more than 512K/sec though.

Mmmmmmmmmmm I want 1MBit cable