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I'm tired this morning. Not surprising really - twas a busy weekend.

The new bed arrived Friday afternoon, and I got the delivery men to shift the frame of the old bed into the spare room (bit of an awkward shape to carry myself) and rebuilt that. I part built the new bed too, but then had to wait for J to come home when I got to a bit that needed four hands. It's niiiiice :) The mattress is a bit more solid too, not that there was anything wrong with the old one, but this one is nicer I think. Oh and it's white so there's no need to put a blanket under the sheet coz it won't dye the sheets.

Friday evening was Furry - we had a small collection of guests, growf had forgotton to print out a map so he could get to us from the station, so I walked down and collected him. Tried to work out how long jaq and narenek would be to see if we should wait for them ... we decided they weren't near enough, and then they turned out to be only 10 minutes behind us. Ah well, they must've had a train that went extra specially fast ;) Dinner was chinese takeaway (I really cba to cook for 5), then we headed off into town. Furry was good, but there weren't very many people there - talking to Ed (the DJ) afterwards, he said he'd only just about broken even. There were all sorts of reasons that could've been the case - people had been up early watching the game, Sonic Flower was the next night and most people wouldn't go to both, people might be on holiday. Ed also said that if turnout doesn't pick up next time then he may have to move Furry to one of the pubs (so shorter) and do two The Riots a month instead (which didn't go down well with the security lass ;) ). But whatever, it was still a fun evening, and we danced a lot of the night. My feet hurt sooo much on the walk home though :/

Saturday morning arrived startlingly hangover free and we introduced narenek to Vib Ribbon before heading off into town for lunch at Vagabonds. Pottered around a bit afterwards (went to Games Workshop, just for jaq), then went to Carrot Cake for waffles and juice. All very nice :) Then walked to the station to see growf and narenek off, as they were wussing out of the night's clubbing.

jaq and J and I headed off back to the house, and I had a nap. J tormented jaq with penguins.

sagima decided not to be quite so much of a wuss this evening and joined us in going to Sonic Flower. It was fun, less so than Furry, but they managed not to get stuck in a rut of ploddy songs like they sometimes do. Despite being really tired we managed to last until the end of the evening, even dancing a bit. My feet didn't hurt quite so much this time either, though I was a sucker for punishment and still wore my high-heeled boots. Once we got home we had some whisky, which shows how pissed I was ;) I even had two small whiskies.

Hangover duly arrived Sunday morning, so I was up relatively early and spodded and LJed. Well, tried to LJ - our ISP was having routing problems. It seems it was a good weekend to be out lots and have guests - first our hosting company had power issues (ie, none and UPSes fucked up) so our server was down, then our ISP was playing silly buggers all weekend with its routing.

jaq left after lunch, and I don't think we really did anything much at all, all day. I was sooo tired, I just sat and read my book after dinner coz I couldn't deal with spodding or a game or anything.
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