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28 June 2002 @ 12:46 pm
A meme!  
Margaret is ...

... an award-winning author of historical romance novels and novellas.
... living proof that ancient Hawaiian lore whether it be in the field of herbal medicine, lomilomi or religion, has a place in modern society
... 'not depressed'
... married to David and lives in Surrey, England
... a Fat Girl’s Name
... presented with a bouquet of flowers at the unveiling of a plaque to mark the official opening
... woken by the rain.
... a community and teaching hospital serving the northern and eastern suburbs of Pittsburgh.
... one of a rare breed who believes in truth over all other
... sure to command very good resale prices in the future

However, Pling is ...

... filled with drug use
... a founder member of Republic.
... being con side red to s upp ort dev elop m ent ofa site specific standard. That's exactly how it was pulled out.
... what non-spods call an exclamation mark
... the name of a leafy plant that bears yellow fruit that was traditionally used in Thai cooking Ok, this had Ta-Ling- infront of it
... common among Acorn Archimedes owners.
... another issue altogether