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I got a job *bounce*

Just after the interview I had today (for the maternity cover job) I found out that I had got the post-doc job I was interviewed for last Friday. So I went and accepted that, then withdrew from the one I'd just had an interview for.


Mind you, means I have to go back and do work, I was having fun not working ... but 2 incomes is better than one, more money for us to spend on frivolities and computers :)

Speaking of which - I ordered a new monitor this morning as mine finally died. It's been a bit flaky recently - picture flicks off and on again for no good reason - but then when I got back from the supermarket on Monday it made sparking type noises and wouldn't keep a picture for very long at all (say half a minute max). J found a spare power cord and we tried that last night, but then we could actually see the sparks inside, so we stopped. Shiny new monitor for me :) (and although I can still spod, it's nicer to use my own machine with my own set up).
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