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So yesterday I graduated for the third and (presumably) final time. I'm officially Dr Margaret Patterson now :)

J and I made our way to up Norwich for about midday, and picked up my robes and got some professional photos done. This all went a bit too smoothly so we had about an hour to kill (and dodge the rain in) before my parents turned up. Again, things went very smoothly in their journey, so we had a fair chunk of waiting around before the ceremony - we went to see my old lab and then for a coffee.

The ceremony itself was quite fine - I'd thought it might not be, as in effect all one did was walk across a stage and shake the Vice Chancellor's hand before collecting one's certificate. But they managed to imbue it with enough pomp :)

We didn't stay long at the after-ceremony party as we wanted to get back to Ipswich in time to have dinner out. My parents took us to The Galley, which was really rather nice and well worth going back to sometime to try some of the other interesting looking things on the menu. I had Pork dusted with South African spices served with a creamy Saffron sauce, J had Spicy Turkish Lamb Stew, my father had Hot Chicken Salad and my mother had the Halibut Fillet.

It was quite a late night, so getting up to make breakfast was a bit of a struggle this morning - but I managed to produce a 'proper' breakfast for my parents (just toast and coffee really, but as a sit down meal rather than everyone just dealing with their own).

We went and wandered around Christchurch Mansion in the morning - we'd never been before. It was interesting, lots of pictures by local artists (like Gainsborough and Constable), lots of bits of local houses (like magnificent carved oak fireplaces).

After that we took my parents to The Maybush Inn in Waldringfield for a nice lunch before they headed back to Oxford. And we've just collapsed since then ;)
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