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No, I didn't die or drop off the face of the earth. I just got hit by a severe case of procrastination. Which, coincidentally *coff*, came along at the same time as I got a confirmed start date for my new job (which is 12 August, yes, Monday!). I know why I was procrastinating - very end-of-school-holidays - you see, if I don't do anything then time won't pass, will it?

Unfortunately, yes, time passes regardless of activity or the lack thereof. I've done some stuff though, went to The Riot and Furry (both of which were fun), went to becs's party (which was also fun, but J and I were suffering from major hangovers which spoilt it for us a bit), went round to firon and cymboline's for dinner and Scrabble (yes, that was fun too) and I'm sure there's other stuff that I've forgotten.

And Monday morning is back to the commute. And I'm getting serious 'first day' nerves already - I've not started a new job since 1996. And this is a totally new field for me - I'll have to start by reading some textbooks rather than papers (well, bit of each) as what I do know has changed in the 6 years since I graduated from my undergrad degree. And not many (if any) of the techniques I know will be transferable. Still, I am bright, she did want to employ me, so I'm sure it'll be OK *gibber* Challenges are good, yeah?

I've read lots of books in my procrastination, I was going to start keeping track again ... just listing books, not saying anything about them as that's what stops me normally - when I read something that I can't think of comments on. So, since 1st August (give or take a little, I can't quite remember if I read the first two before or after Wednesday last week):
"Surrender None" by Elizabeth Moon
"Liar's Oath" by Elizabeth Moon
"The Shadow of the Lion" by Mercedes Lackey, Eric Flint and Dave Freer
"Odyssey" by Keith Laumer (edited by Eric Flint)
"Code of the Lifemaker" by James P. Hogan
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