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Q. What do you get if you cross an iguana with a basilisk?

A. Bagpuss!

Um, no. I've not gone crazy. Why do you ask?


OK, I suppose I'll explain myself - I spent a chunk of this afternoon hybridising my PC (basilisk) with J's old PC (iguana) ... so I have now got my hard drives, CD drives, network card and processor combined with J's old motherboard, graphics card, sound card and case. And it all works :)

Annoyance was - we had to switch the heatsinks on the two processors, coz the mobo design in basilisk had sticky up bits too close to the sticky out bits on iguana's processor's heatsink. But that's not too bad for some fairly major open heart surgery on the machine.

Win98 flung its hissy fit at all the new hardware, and I cocked up whilst reinstalling the network settings (set my IP addy to the same as the router - I'd got the gateway and the IP addy transposed in my head). So I killed the LAN, but it's alive again now :)

And the chimera is called Bagpuss - in keeping with our new cat naming scheme. I'd orginally wanted to call it Baguana (little bit of basilisk, rest is iguana), so Bagpuss is fitting.
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