Margaret (pling) wrote,

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We took both machines to bits last night and counted memory chips, so we've decided we know what's in them - so I've just bought 256Mb of memory :) (to go in iguana, the other chip from there will go in basilisk.

Bleh, feel crap ... didn't get out of bed till about half an hour ago coz I was feverish. Was awake half the night coz I was feverish and my skin felt too small. And I couldn't keep still - I'm a fidget most of the time, but this was weird. Feel a bit better now though, but still nowhere near 100%. Haven't even bothered to get dressed, just sat here in my dressing gown spodding. I should try and do some work, but I really can't face it. Maybe I'll do some of the more mindless stuff. Maybe I'll just have a rest for today.

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