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Didn't really do much today - went into town, spent more of my book tokens from my birthday ("Children of England: The Heirs of Henry VIII" by Alison Weir (I'm collecting her books, she's a good writer, makes the history come alive whilst still giving the impression of scholarly research), "Time and Light" by William Bornefeld (never heard of it nor him, but it's post-apocalypse and seemed quite cool at first glance), "Magician" by Raymond Feist (I've read most of his books and liked them, but never bought them so thought I'd get round to it), "Seer King" by Chris Bunch (... heard good things, but can't remember where)). Played Diablo II (2 quests completed on Act III). Spodded, read LJ, read Baen's Bar till it died, did Paint by Numbers puzzles, updated LJ. Oh and cooked dinner, Pork with Black Beans. Was good :)

Oh, and half a bottle of nice white wine and a couple of G&Ts :)

And J posted a silly picture :)
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