Margaret (pling) wrote,

Today was the day of the bad trains. It seems that at least once a year, normally at this time of year, Anglia Railways manage to cock-up the trains on the Ipswich-Norwich route. The train I was in this morning managed to break down 3 times on the (normally) 40 minute journey from Ipswich to Norwich - meaning that total travel time on the train this morning was 2 hours 25 minutes. Bah. I think it's coz it's the first train out in the morning and the rolling stock is left at the platform in Ispwich over night (as it was the last train in the night before), rather than being put somewhere out of the elements. So every year just after it turns cold Anglia Railways get the surprise of the lives as they see that it adversely affects their trains.

Once I finally got to work (only an hour and 40 minutes late ...) I had a fairly boring day, with lots of gaps where stuff had to incubate. This meant that I ended up being late home coz I had to wait long enough for each incubation step, yet not actually doing very much for the last hour or so ... which always feels more annoying than if I were to be busy right up till I left the lab.
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