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We've just come back from the xmas visit to J's parents - each year we visit one set the weekend before xmas and one set the weekend after. Each year we wonder if we'll maybe get a car by next time round. Though this time the trains actually all went well - OK, so everything ran late, but we made all the connections without having to panic about any of them. Well, except for the train that didn't exist at Durham yesterday, but we got a slightly earlier one that did exist.

I think that it went so well because we'd used up our bad train karma on Thursday night - we'd been out in Norwich coz it was my work xmas lunch. (Which was really rather good - nice food, nice company, and I got very tiddly). J had joined us in the evening and then we were to catch the last train home at 2305 ... cept it didn't leave ... then eventually they announced there'd been 'an incident on the line'1 so the train wouldn't go further than Diss, the rest of us were to be put in taxis. We were in the last taxi - but we got him to take us straight home rather than just to the station in Ipswich - so we got home about 2am or something like that, rather than about midnight like we shoulda done. Erk. Given the circs though, I think I'll not fill in the forms and complain (I got forms, but thinking about it sober it wasn't the train company's fault).

So anyway.

The visit was fun. We turned up on Friday, me still hungover, and showed them the new digital camera and looked at old newspaper cuttings that J's dad had and watched Have I Got News For You. And got fed a couple of times.

Saturday we went over to Stanhope in the morning to see J's gran. She looked well, if somewhat small, each time we see her we've forgotten how tiny she is. After a lazy afternoon we went out to Hexham cinema and watch the Two Towers. Which is really cool :) I know the director has played fast and loose with the plot in a few bits, but the feel is right and I think nit-picking the differences between the book and the film misses the point that these are two different media thus have different requirements for telling the same story well. (What an ugly sentence that was.) Very unusually for me, I still like the film more than the book - I think it's that I like Tolkein's world and story, but am not so keen on his prose style. Maybe. I unno. Then J's mother tried to feed us again.

Sunday was the day of the first xmas dinner of the season :) Which was very good, and incredibly filling. We watched TV a lot, and did some crosswords but I don't think we did much else all the rest of the day. Oh, but we were fed another couple of times.

Monday came and we were off again - having been fed a couple more times.

It was a nice visit, though J's mother did seem determined to feed us up ;) I never eat that much, so I was kinda full by the end of the weekend - we didn't need to eat again after we left at about half two yesterday ... except a couple of mince pies for dinner when we got home.

Busy day today (when it gets going) - have to buy food for the weekend (hopefully at the Co-op up the road, but probably involves a bus ride to Tescos).

1. This is railway code for 'someone committed suicide by jumping infront of the train'.
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