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We got back from the second parental visit of the season - visiting my parents in Oxford. We headed off on Friday morning, with less planning than going up north to see J's parents as there're more trains into London, and anyway we get a coach from London to Oxford and there're loads of them so there's no need to worry so much about timings.

We arrived about 4pm, Mum was in, but Dad was at work and my brother had departed about midday. Part of the reason for visiting my folks after xmas was that Dave was going to still be there, so it was a bit of a shame that he'd had to go back to Cambridge before we arrived.

It was another very relaxing weekend - we didn't really do very much. A bit of shopping on Saturday morning (looking for History of Middle Earth books in the old covers, to complete the series ... and we ended up buying quite a lot of stuff including Tribunal (add-on for Morrowind, revises the journalling system so that you can see quests grouped together which will make it easier to see what we've got on the go), and the Two Towers soundtrack). Saturday afternoon we went to Blenheim Palace and walked round the grounds a bit ... which is where we went for a walk with my parents last time we visited them, which I think they'd forgotten or we might've gone somewhere else.

Didn't really do anything at all on Sunday, read and read and read some more. While we were there I read the two Science of Discworld books - they're not actually about how science works in Discworld, which is what I'd assumed, they're about science in the real world. The books are organised with a chapter of Discworld story followed by a chapter about science, and were quite fun, though there wasn't much I didn't already know even in the physics bits.

It was nice to see my parents again :)

And now I'm bored, not for any reason, you understand, just coz I'm bored. I hate that sort of mood.
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