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Little bit of an odd day today. I've been to work and I'm home again already. I just had a couple of things to do, primarily to ensure that I can actually start work on Monday (stuff like setting a bit of equipment to come on tomorrow morning so I can use stuff on Monday morning). But it felt a little silly to have had 4 hours of travelling and 1.5 hours of work.

Still, it's nice not to have had to actually work ;)

I got a fair chunk of housework done yesterday while J was at work - I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that the only advantage of me being employed is that we have more money. Certainly when I wasn't working we had a cleaner house and I got to do more fun stuff too, the stressful bit was the job hunting.

Ah well, such is life.

We're off out to Furry this evening, planning to drink less than usual, we'll see how that goes ;) So now I'm listening to music to get me in the mood for clubbing and I'll maybe play some Civ:PTW too :)

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