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Furry last night was fun :) And having not drunk as much as usual I actually feel like a human being this morning and slept through for about 8 hours *beam*

We (and Ed) were worried that Furry would be really quite as it's so close to New Year and stuff and people would be feeling broke and over-indulged. But Ed said there were 170 in, which is not bad and suitably filled the room. It was a really weird mix of people though - some Sonic Flower people, some Riot people. Oh and some arseholes ... slightly more than Furry usually gets - like the guy flinging pints on the dancefloor just before he left ... and the guy who wouldn't leave me alone till J had a word (which was quite amusing as the bloke was smaller than J, younger than J and distinctly less scary looking ;) ... well, amusing for us, not for the bloke).
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