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Went to the gym again for the first time in months and months (in a non-new-years-resolution-but-I'd-still-like-to-lose-some-weight-and-get-fit sort of way). They've got brand shiny new equipment, so I got shown how to use all of that (not that it was that complex, but they're obliged to make sure you know). And got a sort-of program, that I'm to play with till it suits as they're not doing proper program changes till at least February as they've got to show everyone how to use the new equipment and that'll take up all their time. I feel a little tired and achy now even though I didn't do a full workout - doesn't bode so well for Wednesday when I go next.

Mind you, I was tired to start off with - first proper day back at work after the holidays. As it was for everyone in the lab, so it got to lunchtime and we were all feeling like "I've had enough now, can't I go home now?". I might make it to bed earlier tonight than last night ...
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