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Well, another day in the lab, setting up for the experiment tomorrow - hope it works this time coz I'm getting fed up of doing it over and over and over. Boring day really, coz it's not very thought intensive setting this stuff up it just takes time. The afternoon was especially tedious - I set something going in the fluorimeter for 5 minutes (whilst I do nothing coz that's not long enough to be productive), then I set up the next set (which takes 5 minutes) and repeat ... and repeat ... and repeat ... for a couple of hours!

Still, it's a fairly restful way to spend the day - so I came back to Ipswich and went to the gym! I had a program re-design about 4 weeks ago, and it was a major step up from what I'd been doing before, added to that I'd been terribly lazy and not actually gone for 4 months. So I can now do just about 2/3 of the things I'm aiming for, but I get to the end of it and I'm absolutely shattered.

Got out of the gym about 7pm, and then just as I got to halfway between the gym and the bus stop the heavens opened and it absolutely poured with rain. Ick! Wet and nasty and horrid, but I'm home now and I've change my wet clothes and dried my hair off a bit and it's warm so it's all ok now.

Didn't manage to finish off my book though, coz I was speaking to someone on the bus, but all I really wanted to do was find out what happened next *pah*

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