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Ahhh. Got the tedious and slightly soul-destroying part of the Snowplains elections over. It's not fun deciding who gets through to the short list and who doesn't. But now the voting has commenced and it's not my problem any more ;)

It'll probably be a long while till we run one again, it's tiring doing this in the evenings (given we all 4 admin have full time jobs and two of us have a substantial commute to work), and I'd rather be doing something fun.

So those who get elected had better damn log on ;) And you guys who're already choccies ;)

Fun tomorrow though :) Going to a concert at UEA - the NME awards tour, so we get to see 4 bands. 2 of which I can't remember, but the other 2 are the Datsuns and the Polyphonic Spree. The only fraught bit of that is that Ed is driving J up to Norwich and they're certain to be a little late (given Ed doesn't finish work till 5:30) but last time they got lost too ... Ah well, it'll all work out, I'm sure.

Fun this weekend too - The Riot on Friday, which we probably won't go to, actually - and Sonic Flower hasn't died, it's running again starting this Saturday, so we'll be going to that :)

So by this time next week I'll be even tireder if that's possible!
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